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Jugni tar khaeen vich thaal

Chad duniya de janjaal

Kuch ni nibna bandey naal

Rakhi sabad sidhq amaal

Share what you have

Remove yourself from worldly concerns

There is nothing to be gotten from other human beings that will serve you

Keep your actions and intentions pure

The Great Gatsby is you!

Jay isn’t a person at all. Fitzgerald didn’t write a story about a man- he wrote a story about the part in all of us that’s empty, which is the same part that wants to connect. It’s the part that treats life like a permanent exercise in PR, as if it’s meant to be a permanent play we all put on. I’m sure Zelda had a lot to do with Fitzy writing the book, because I think it’s a story about her, a story about how she made him feel, and about how she helped him recognize all that was lacking in his life.

Human connection, genuine connection, is the most wonderful thing in the world, and it makes us feel alive like nothing else can. A good song, a great night of dancing, a great story, I love all of it. But the greatest thing in the world is sharing words with someone. I think that’s why Gatsby’s so powerful- because genuine connection happens so rarely.

That’s what I really wonder about people who create art- do all, most, even some of them actually live the things they write about? Because I feel a million things as I consume art that I like, but I can’t seem to actually live it all the time. If there are that many people who care feeling that many things, why doesn’t there seem to be more love in the world? Why does everyone always seem pissed and unhappy?

"That I never did anything and that I don’t have anyone"

"What do you worry about?"

"That I never did anything and that I don’t have anyone"

I just saw this from a Mad Men, and it felt perfect for the moment, so I I’m going to steal it.

I think the great thing about life for some of us is that even if we don’t want them or can’t seem to maintain them, human relationships will find us. For those of us who can’t seem to hold onto them, this is great news- there’s always someone there. It won’t always be in the way you want or who you want, but you’ll find someone.

Some of us look for a special meaning in everything, and I can’t figure out why. Some days I think it’s because life feels devoid of meaning, so you attach more than is there because you don’t want it to feel so dry. Other days I think I juts realize the arbitrariness of it all (in a very neutral kind of way), so you decide that you’re going to

I think the worst part about thinking you’re going to die young is not that you’re going to die. Death is to a certain extent inevitable, and inevitability is a dangerous thing to play with. More importantly, I don’t think you can ever really conquer your fear of death. I don’t think anyone looks forward to dying. I do think some people decide that their love of life is not as great as their fear of death, and that’s the closest you can come to being able to embrace death. I think the worst part about thinking you’re going to die young is knowing you feel that way, and don’t feel a sense of sadness. You feel sad in a sadness-is-inevitable sort of way, but not in a life-is-wonderful kind of way. I don’t think you can really look forward to it, but you can at a point feel like there’s a timer and that it’s a matter of time (punny) before time’s up.

The consistent inconsistency is maddening, and it’s consistent in all parts of your life. That’s why you worry that you never did anything and that you don’t have anyone- because you worry that it’ll never change. Your insecurities and your failures define you, and the public relations show doesn’t cut it all the time.

The only thing worse than the self-loathing? Feeling “That I never did anything and that I don’t have anyone”


There are days that feel dry and nights that feel sad. Maybe you’re just bored, maybe you just want excitement. I don’t think so though, because you have those days year after year. At first you just worry about what it all means in terms of you, not having a friend to grab a coffee with or party with or whatever the hell else you wanna do. Then you start realizing that maybe you just can’t connect with another human being, even though you really badly want to. and you’ve tried but you’re just incapable of being a human being others want to be with. And that’s not an excuse, that’s just a way to be honest about your lack of commitment to the things you say are important. And you really don’t like who you are and you realize that it’s not okay, but you don’t know option b.

I hate those days that the only thing worse than the self-loathing is the loneliness


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